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What We Do:

Fyne Hats By Felicity was created to assist the person participating in period events and productions in obtaining high quallity headgear to complete their wardrobe.

Our Business History:

We begain in California, travelling to several of the smaller faires as well as Vahalla (Lake Tahoe) and Las Vegas to bring our goods to fairegoers and participants.  Grounded with a strong knowledge of history, theatre and millinery techniques, we strive to provide our customers with that crowning touch they envision for their costume.  Fyne Hats By Fellicity received a Masterpiece Award for the matching Lord and Lady's blue velvet Toque Hats with beaded hatband and brim at the Renaissance World Conference in Burbank. Having now moved to the midwest, we serve faires in Iowa, Sioux Falls, SD, and Illinois.

A new component is the contemporary fashion hat created for today's stylish person. Hats of straw, sinimay and felt are hand blocked and trimmed in the couture style. These are often seen at church or in weddings.

Headgear for other periods, especially Victorian and Edwardian are also part of our repretoire.

Our Designer:

A long time participant in the Calif.Southern Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Donna Scarfe (a.k.a Mistress Felicity) is well aware of the rigorous requirements for Faire clothing not only for durability, but also style, color and materials.  The headgear produced show her desire for quallity made goods that benefits the Faire Community. She studied millinery for two years with a private teacher in Los Angeles, and has taken short courses in England at the Wombourne School of Millinery to learn contemporary fashion techniques. She often teaches a hat class at the Costume College weekend in Los Angeles in August.

What Makes Us Unique:

Everyone can find clothes for their period costumes, but not every clothier sells hats.  We make a Fyne Hat that fits well, looks great and lasts.  We take pride in the handcraftmanship that goes into each one of our Fyne Hats to give that perfect finishing touch to your outfit.